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Ni hao Helan 你好荷兰 means Hello Holland in Chinese. Welcome!

We are a Dutch, privately owned boutique agency that offers travel services and business consultancy. Our expertise lies in understanding our clients’ needs for both travel and business, and turning these into a valuable, and enriching program. We conduct business in Dutch, Mandarin and English and have a thorough understanding of Chinese culture.

We offer a unique combination of travel services and business consultancy in the Netherlands. We strive to establish a true connection between our clients and the Netherlands by creating tailor-made travel itineraries that cater to individual needs and lifestyles. We also work to forge relations between your business and Dutch partners.

We are here to support, expand and perfect your goals of travelling to Holland. Do you want to discover Holland for business opportunities, for educational purposes or simply for leisure? With our experience, network and understanding we guarantee you valuable, practical results!

Why Holland?


Wim Nijbroek

CEO & Travel Expert

Wim is the founder and director of Ni Hao Helan. He studied Business Economics at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University and has more than 25 years of experience as tour organiser. Alongside this Wim works as a financial advisor and business economist, giving him a valuable network in the country. In 2014 he launched a travel agency that supports clients on a national and international level.

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From a young age Wim has been passionate about travelling and has since ventured to more than 100 destinations in every corner of the globe, including countless places in China. He enjoys and values taking his family on trips to give his children an insight into different cultures and other ways of life. He now does the same for Chinese visiting Holland.

His experience in the hospitality sector coupled with his first hand knowledge of many lesser known destinations in the Netherlands means that Wim is an expert in arranging tours and compiling travel itineraries.

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Hedda Sasburg

Business Consultant

Hedda has a background in Business Consultancy and holds a degree in Business Economics from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University. She started her career consulting companies on sustainability, and later ran her own consultancy firm. She has always had an underlying interest in the tourism industry and is an avid traveller herself.

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Hedda first travelled to China in 1996 on the Trans-Siberia Express and was immediately captivated by the splendour and mystery of the far east. Through the years she returned and saw many opportunities for collaboration as China’s astronomic rise to the top unfolded. Together with Wim, she adopted a daughter from China in 2004, connecting her to this country forever.

Hedda enjoys connecting people, ideas and organisations and has a myriad of business connections throughout the Netherlands. As a child, Hedda already travelled all over the Netherlands and knows the best places both above and under the radar. With her expertise, connections and experience Hedda finds solutions for your business questions in the Netherlands.

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Let Ni Hao Helan take care of your schedule, they organize face-to-face meetings, and are a friend you can trust in the Netherlands. If friends or acquaintances were to go to the Netherlands for a business trip or tour, I would have faith in Ni Hao Helan to provide very good service. I highly recommend them.

Government Health Mission

Ni Hao Helan is a company that provides excellent service and comprehensive guidance. They are familiar with Chinese travellers’ needs and also provide Chinese-speaking guides. You can count on them.

Shanghai based travel agency

Thank you very much for arranging such a smooth and successful program for us in the Netherlands. Your thoughtful arrangements were very helpful and left us very content! The whole delegation has wonderful memories from the trip.

NGO delegation