Between Art, Heritage & Design

Holland is a country with medieval towns and cities, verdant fields dotted with windmills, and tranquil lakes and canals. But it also offers visitors exciting nightlife, age-old traditions, and museums with masterpiece after masterpiece to spend a rainy day in.

For music lovers, Holland has a lively performing arts scene, with buzzing music festivals like Kingsday and Amsterdam Dance Event, where the world’s top DJ’s like Armin van Buuren play their best beats. Those who prefer classical music will not be disappointed with iconic concert halls like Muziekgebouw Aan’t II, Koninklijke Schouwburg or the Dutch National Opera & Ballet hosting the best musicians and dancers. Dutch art and heritage does not solely refer to our inspiring Golden Age painters, who are celebrated in the halls of the Rijksmuseum and the Mauritshuis, modern Dutch artists are still held in high esteem. Explore the best in Modern Art at Amsterdam’s Cobra Museum or the Stedelijk Museum.

The Netherlands is world renowned for its award winning modern architecture, with groundbreaking designs like Rotterdam’s new Markthal and Delft’s new railway station among the many. Dutch architects are famous all over the world, and have also left their mark on contemporary China, namely Rem Koolhaas with his iconic CCTV building in Beijing. Traditional masterpieces of Dutch architecture from the Golden Age still give Dutch towns and cities that old-world charm, and are no less impressive. We can create an itinerary for you that showcases the best in modern Dutch architecture and design.