Introducing Holland for Business

Despite its small size and population, the Netherlands punches above its weight on the world stage. It’s economy is one of the largest twenty in the world, and is renowned for its leading ‘smart economy’ structure. The Netherlands also has a long history of innovation. The Dutch created the framework for our globalised economy back in the 17th century, and this tradition of innovation carries on till this day. In addition to excellent infrastructure, Modern day Holland also has great advantages like a favourable location and climate and excellent infrastructure that connects it to Europe and beyond.

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The Netherlands also has a competitive, attractive labor market. Some 90% of Dutch citizens will be able to converse with you in English, the global business language. Many Dutch people also speak a third or fourth language. Moreover, excellent headhunter services in the Netherlands will help you create the ideal team for your business.

Dutch business culture also has a knack for dealing with any issues it faces head on. For example, an aging population is considered problematic in many countries, but in the Netherlands it presented a new business opportunity – the Dutch have managed to become a leader in medical sciences and medical equipment manufacturing. Furthermore, in the Netherlands, corporations, R&D teams and government support structures all work together to promote innovation and attract talent, which means the Netherlands continually holds a stable place among the global elite.

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At Ni Hao Helan we roll out the red carpet for delegations visiting the Netherlands from abroad. We begin the process by truly understanding the purpose of your delegation’s visit by evaluating the outcome you need. We subsequently tap into our extensive network that covers all levels of business, research institutes and governance. We then set up a series of meetings for you, find locations of interest and put you in touch with all the right contacts. We also cooperate with specialists in many different industries to provide you with a unique, custom-made, program.

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We also aid delegations that require assistance with obtaining an official letter of invitation from a local business or the Dutch government. We do this through selecting the most relevant local organisation involved in your visit.

Ni Hao Helan also recognizes the need Chinese delegations to the Netherlands have for the right kind of service and assistance. We will arrange comfortable accommodation, punctual transport and excellent meals for you. For your time off, we can also compile a sightseeing itinerary for you. We can also aid your delegation by finding outstanding guides and interpreters, so as to make the language barrier and cultural differences non-issues!

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Business Trips & MICE

At Ni Hao Helan we understand that the key to successfully conducting business comes down to understanding the local business culture, having access to the right network, and being aware of your opportunities and challenges.

We cater to MICE groups who want to organize small or large scale events in the Netherlands. We collaborate with several professional event organiser in the Netherlands to be able to provide you with high quality products. We also offer assistance with participation in exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

Furthermore, our consultants are experienced business economists who will understand what your business goals are. We want to apprehend and make sense of the aim of your intended visit so that we can connect you with the right contacts, organisations and places. We also offer matchmaking services to find you potential business partners.

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Regarding the logistics of your visit – let us take care of all the fuss so that you can fully focus on exploring new opportunities, finding the right partners for your business, and expanding your network. We have connections at some of the Netherlands’ most exquisite restaurants, so that your next business meal will not only be productive but also delightfully enjoyable. After long days of discussions and debates, let us take you to some of the country’s finest hotels so that you can indulge in a little rest and relaxation. We also arrange transportation, any sightseeing program you want, and an outstanding interpreter or guide for you on your visit.

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Ni Hao Helan offers high-quality business consultancy. The Netherlands is the gateway to Western Europe and we are here to support you with your entry into the Dutch and European market. We use specialist services as well as official government investment support services, which are sometimes free of charge to make your project cost effective.

Ni Hao Helan’s consultancy services include:

  • Competitor analyses
  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Networking assistance
  • Matchmaking business trips

Settlement & Growth Stage:

  • Business representation
  • Company fiscal & legal set up
  • Office site selection
  • HR recruitment
  • Employee settlement & training

VIP Business Trips

Managing of one of China’s fastest growing corporations is understandably a tiring, turbulent, challenging, yet rewarding ordeal. Ni Hao Helan understands that in order to work efficiently and contently you need a moment every now and then to retreat from the mayhem. We offer swanky retreats for our VIP clients, at exclusive, lesser known locations. If you want to recharge in a serene environment with family and friends, leave it to us to arrange it all for you.

If you just want to conduct your affairs in a more upscale location, we can arrange prime locations for your next meeting. You’ll be able to work while relaxing.