Dutch Industry Top 9

The Dutch agrifood industry powers ahead with world-class food research institutes. The Netherlands is the leading country in horticulture, dairy and meat industries innovations. In 2016 the Netherlands was the 2nd largest food exporter in the world in terms of value, with this sector contributing more than 10% to Dutch national GDP.

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Chemical products. 19 out of the 25 largest Chemical companies have a foothold in the Netherlands. The Dutch port of Rotterdam also boasts one of the largest Chemical refineries in the world, with its Industrial Cluster contributing 20% of the total output of the Dutch chemical industry.

Creative Industries
Holland is home to a thriving creative industry. There are over 1,300 local fashion designers, and well known brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger have their European headquarters here. The Netherlands is playing an increasingly large role in global advertising and marketing campaigns, with brands like Nike, Toms, Adidas and Coca-Cola relying on campaigns created in Holland.

The Dutch are leaders in the areas of renewable energy,especially in wind energy at sea, biomass processing, greenhouse farming and energy efficiency management. A large share of energy production is decentralized, like energy from waves, algae and biomass. The Dutch have also developed innovative solutions in energy production in greenhouses, CO2 ‘recycling’ and waste heat utilisation for their energy intensive horticulture industry. Furthermore, all Dutch trains are powered by wind energy, and the city of Groningen is the first city in the world to experiment with Power Matching. Furthermore, the Netherlands worldwide has the second largest share of electric vehicles after Norway.

High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM)
The Netherlands’ high tech sector is amongst the most innovative in the world. There are more than 1,700 firms active in open innovation R&D for HTSM. Multinationals like Bosch, Philips and ASML call the Netherlands home, and operate in efficient technology hubs like Eindhoven Science Park.

The Netherlands is the Gateway to Europe because of its excellent transport infrastructure. Rotterdam’s port is Europe’s largest, Schiphol Airport is Europe’s third busiest airport, and the Dutch have the densest motorway network in Europe. The Netherlands is also an essential hub in both the land and the maritime Silk Road of One-Belt-One-Road. Connecting China’s goods arriving by ship or direct train to the European Hinterland, and major ports in Europe and the East Coast of the America’s.

Life Sciences & Health
The Netherlands is one of the most concentrated life science regions in the world. 2.3% of the total GDP is invested in life science R&D annually. Also, Holland has over 3000 medical technology companies, as well as 12 research universities and 8 university medical centers.

Agriculture & Horticulture
The Netherlands boasts six greenports where the world’s best agri and horticulture companies innovate and create. In this way the Netherlands is leading the way with developing crops that are less sensitive to weather conditions and require fewer pesticides.

Water & Maritime Industries
The Dutch water and maritime industry is mainly concerned with protecting land from the sea, harvesting energy from the ocean, and reusing water. The Netherlands have offered their expertise in projects various countries including Russia, the US and the UK.