Expanding Your Business to the Netherlands

Home to world-class, deep-water ports, many rivers and a dynamic network of canals, the Netherlands has the best port infrastructure in the world.

When it comes to naming Europe’s largest and most important harbor, the Port of Rotterdam can reach all major industrial and economic centers in Western Europe in less than 24 hours—providing companies with the perfect springboard into the European market. The Port of Amsterdam, Europe’s fourth largest port, is another major asset for logistics and distribution operations. In all, Dutch ports move more than 500 million metric tons annually and account for 54% of all trade shipping in Western Europe. What’s more, with more than 7,000 vessels, the Dutch fleet is the biggest and most modern in Europe.

Furthermore, the Netherlands has just come out as the third best country in the world for business surpassing all other Europeans countries according to the Forbes list of 2018. Whether its innovation, stability, employment rate or infrastructure and more…the Dutch have them perfected to a fault. The Netherlands is truly a nation of traders.

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