Guarantee Fund and ADS


What is GGTO

Every package holiday dealer is legally required to provide a guarantee scheme for their travellers (Civil Code 7 Article 7:512) and Ni Hao Helan work with GGTO.
The acronym GGTO stands for Garantiefonds voor Gespecialiseerde Touroperators (Guarantee Fund for Specialist Tour Operators) and was established in January 2012. They offer guarantees to the customers of more than 200 specialist tour operators. The affiliated tour operators work independently and are specialist direct sellers who are officially registered in the Netherlands.

What GGTO offers

The Guarantee Fund GGTO guarantees travellers who have booked through one of the affiliated tour operators that they will be reimbursed the prepaid part of the travel cost if the tour operator suffers financial insolvency as a result of which the trip cannot take place. This is valid before departure as well as during the trip.
Moreover, the Guarantee Fund GGTO underwrites your return trip for the length of your stay if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, can no longer take responsibility for this.

How it works

The affiliated tour operator displays the GGTO logo on its website and stationery and refers to the guarantee scheme of the Guarantee Fund GGTO in its terms and conditions.
All affiliated tour operators are listed on the GGTO official website, Click here.

Client contribution

The tour operator charges each traveller a client contribution of € 15 per booking for this guarantee scheme. These contributions are paid to the GGTO enabling the guarantee fund to be built up and maintained.


What is ADS

The Approved Destination Status (ADS) scheme allows Chinese tourists to travel to the Netherlands in guided groups. Tourist visas under the ADS scheme are only available to people travelling in tours organised by outbound tour operators (OTOs) approved by Dutch and Chinese government authorities (China National Tourism Administration).

To ensure ADS tourists receive a quality inbound tour operators and tour guides in the Netherlands and OTOs in China, they are all subjected to a selection and monitoring process.

Ni Hao Helan has met all the requirements and is a registered ADS company.