welcome to holland

“Holland” conjures up images of windmills, tulips and cheese. These sights are usually on a first-time visitor’s bucket list. But there is a lot more to discover. The Netherlands offers visitors bustling historical cities, modern architecture, and aquaint countryside to unwind in. Fresh and clean air, water and high quality food is a standard in the Netherlands. The country is known for its open minded culture and international outlook. The Dutch welcome visitors new inhabitants from abroad since ancient times as a nation of traders, travellers and explorers since the Golden Age.

Are you ready to take off and experience Holland as a single destination trip, or as a part of a multi country tour?

Curious to see more? Scroll down to see our Top 10 Favourites.

Amsterdam’s Canals

Discover the historic city centres of Holland at its best,
by taking a bike or joining a boat tour along the canals.

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Windmills, Polders & Waterworks

Find out why Holland is a global leader
in water engineering techniques.

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Unique and Inspiring Accommodations

Have you ever dreamt of spending the night
in a treehouse, a windmill or castle?

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Modern Art and Architecture

Explore one of the hotspots and museums
to enjoy the arts and design.

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The Local Music Scene and Festivals

Enjoy one of the vibrant performances or festivals
that will get you connected to local music lovers.

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Foodie Heaven

So you think eating in Holland is only about herring,
cheese and bitterballen?

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Dutch Cafe Culture and Good Vibes

Drinking a cappuccino on a street-side cafe like the locals do.

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Golden Age Heritage

Marvelling at stately Golden Age architecture
in Amsterdam and Leiden.

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Cycling over imposing dikes, through historic streets
and along picturesque canals.

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Enjoy Flowers and Tulips

Gazing over endless fields of colourful flowers.

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Throughout the year the Netherlands offers a wide array of both cultural and recreational activities that visitors are welcome to take part in. The Netherlands is also a great destination for families, as award winning theme parks and museums always offer special activities for children. Ni Hao Helan can arrange for your family to take part in Cheese-making, you can paint your own Delft blue pottery, and we can even arrange a visit for your family to a medieval joust!

Spring is when you can enjoy the classic Dutch landscape. Endless fields of flowers, charming windmills under blue skies, and newborn lambs frolicking through lush, verdant fields.

In summer, many music festivals and markets are organised, and the Dutch unwind on sun-soaked street side cafe’s throughout the country.

In September the heath and heather fields of the Veluwe are in full bloom – perfect for a leisurely stroll through nature.

In the winter months Amsterdam is dotted with christmas markets, and when the temperature dips below zero the Dutch pull out their skates.

Interested in experiencing the Netherlands and beyond with family, friends and colleagues? Ni Hao Helan designs tailor-made travel plans for you. Go off the beaten track and see the unique locations that only the locals know. View some of our example tours below for more inspirations. Or simply send us an inquiry to realise your dream journey!